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Comparing Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys and Jane Eyre by...

Comparing Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys and Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte In the novels Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys and Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, the theme of loss can be viewed as an umbrella that encompasses the absence of independence, society or community, love, and order in the lives of the two protagonists. They deal with their hardships in diverse ways. However, they both find ways to triumph over their losses and regain their independence. The women in both novels endure a loss of personal freedom, both mental, and physical. Jane Eyre, in her blind infatuation with Mr. Rochester, allows her emotions to enslave her. She realizes her obsession when she states, My future husband was becoming to me my whole world; and†¦show more content†¦In her search for approval, Antoinette utilizes a voodoo potion to try and force Rochester to love her, which makes him despise her more than ever. He accuses Christophine of acting for Antoinette when he insists â€Å"You tried to poison me† (Rhys 153). Both Jane and Antoinette are prisoners of their intense feelings for the man they adore, leaving them open to pain and betrayal. Jane’s foster family, the Reeds, restrict her rights, refusing to treat her as an equal to the other members of the family. Jane, at a mere eight years old, is chastised by Mrs. Abbott, the nanny, who asserts, â€Å"you are less than a servant, for you do nothing for your keep† (Bronte 11). When Rochester imprisons Antoinette in England, he deprives her of any sense of humanity. The people in their lives who yielded power over them unjustly repressed both women. Jane and Antoinette are both ostracized by their respective communities as a direct result of their social positions. Jane is an orphan with no money and no close relatives. Although she is clearly a bright and unique girl, she is treated as an outcast due to her orphan status. She refuses to accept their low opinion of her however, and maintains â€Å"The more solitary, the more friendless, the more unsustained I am, the more I will respect myself. I will keep the law given by God, sanctioned by man. I will hold to the principles received by me when I was sane, and not mad--as I am now†, illustrating her desire to persevere through

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Smart Successful Selling Why You Should Have An...

Goal: to create a blog post for Total Word Count In This Document: 975 Title: ?Smart Successful Selling: Why You Should Have An Organized System? It?s no secret that organization is one of the keys to success. You can?t be messy and disorganized if you want to be successful at something. You have to be focused, driven, hard working, and, above all, organized. You have to be clean, orderly, and in control not just when it comes to the state of your workspace, like how much clutter is on your desk or where you keep all your pens and folders, but with how you approach and accomplish all your tasks or how you track and monitor the operations, productivity, and progress of your business. When it comes to smart and†¦show more content†¦Otherwise, by being impatience you could forgo organization and rush all the steps in the process, creating disorganization and disorder and thus inhibiting the progress and overall success of your business. So don?t cheat or destroy your own system. Remember to just be patient. It will pay off for you and your business in the long run! Next, make every moment of your time count instead of wasting time, even if it?s just a minute. Work smart by recognizing the value of your time for the success of you and your business and using that recognition to fuel productivity. Improve and maintain your overall productivity by keeping a strict schedule, keeping track of tasks and goals, both short term and long term, not just for you but for the other members in your business?s team. Then, keep things in your business moving along through ?the tube?, or a visual concept that allows you to keep projects moving ahead towards completion by imagining them going through a tube. Whether it?s building your client database by selling hard or keeping track of referrals, use this visual concept of the ?tube? to motivate you to complete all the tasks that you need to complete as smoothly and swiftly as you can. Visual concepts like these aren?t just good motivators, they?re also good mental checks for staying organized and keeping to your system of organization. Next, always be on the alert for new ideas, whether it?s innovative strategies for selling that can save

The Fight Against Samples of Cover Sheet when Writing an Essay

The Fight Against Samples of Cover Sheet when Writing an Essay Even letters that convincingly demonstrate why the applicant is a terrific fit for the position may not succeed if dozens of different applicants can demonstrate they are amazing fits, too. A whole lot of words make a document seem clumsy. If you must earn a cover page, you need to be sure to apply your aesthetic taste for picking the font and font dimensions and distribution of elements. Indeed, it's very discouraging not to find the maximum grade only for using the incorrect font or spacing in your essay cover page. It mainly involves an overview of the key points of the article in different words. Occasionally a superior illustration of what you're attempting to achieve is well worth a 1000 words of advice! The previous sentence provides the reply to the essay question. The objective of an article review is connected with values that the people today attach to opinion from others about certain information in a particular field. Just reach out to our support managers, if you've got an unusual endeavor to do, and we'll surely find someone to aid you. The write-up states that psychologists consulting in schools must have the ability to work in a diverse atmosphere. It describes that Discrete-event simulation is one of the care systems programs that has been effectively applied to facilitate easy decision making in the health care facilities. It suggests that utilizing psychology and health management tools is important because provides opportunities to identify healthcare threats and to identify strategies to address the uncertainties. The War Against Samples of Cover Sheet when Writing an Essay Also, explain why it is you're hoping to land the position and specifically name the work title for which you're applying. In that scenario, it's more important to stick to the instructions on the work listing. While it may appear tedious, you must always customize each letter to fit the particular job for which you're applying. For instance, a cover letter is an excellent place to speak about a career shift or maybe to explain a protracted gap in employment. This will reveal that you wrote the cover letter particularly for the position they want to fill, and you're interested enough in the job to learn about the educational institution beforehand. If you don't find out how to begin your essay or where to search for supporting data, we'll be happy to help you. With essays, there are those who commit a great deal of mistakes during the writing procedure, and the majority of them don't know that. Generally, a lot of students underestimate the value of properly formatting an essay cover page. This is a particularly significant factor if you must compose a dissertation. This essay examines the explanations for why assignment essays are beneficial for student learning and considers a number of the issues with this technique of assessment. In conclusion, it would appear that assignment essays continue to get a prominent part in tertiary education as an assessment tool. You might want to refer to some sample essay outlines found in this informative article. There are not any dates of publication in every one of the references. Confidential Cover Sheets, since the name implies are used for confidential documents. Resume Cover sheet or cover letter is really famous in the staffing arena, especially if the individual wishes to receive a work overseas. What You Need to Do About Samples of Cover Sheet when Writing an Essay Starting in the Next Five Minutes The very first region of the article review writing process is reading the short article to be reviewed for the very first time. The debut of the article review essay needs to be catchy and inform the readers about the topic that they're likely to discuss. The critique section of the essay is organized into three primary components, the debut of the field where the post belongs and the wide problems. A well-designed essay outline template will certainly help you in producing an impactful essay. Introducing Samples of Cover Sheet when Writing an Essay It is possible to use what you learn how to personalize your letter. The title page ought to be wholly error-free. It is essentially the face of the entire work. It should include the information one needs to make an informed decision on whether or not to read the paper. If you would like more such templates, then inform us through the comment section. Be certain about the sort of cover sheet template that you want to design. If you are pleased with them, then you can opt for the paid cover sheet templates. There are several types of Cov er sheet templates out there. Facts, Fiction and Samples of Cover Sheet when Writing an Essay If you want, I can supply you with current samples of my work. Be certain to tailor any samples you use to coordinate with your own background and the job for which you're applying. Find out how to compose an impressive resume.

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Role of Green Marketing in Sustainable Development -an Opportunity for Innovation Essay Example

Role of Green Marketing in Sustainable Development -an Opportunity for Innovation Essay Role of Green Marketing in Sustainable Development -An Opportunity for Innovation * Mrs.. Kajal Maheshwari Abstract- â€Å"Sustainability is the mother lode of innovations that yield both bottomline and topline returns The most forward-thinking and progressive businesses today are seeing environmental issues as an opportunity to innovate and change how they operate their companies, how they develop new products, and how they relate to stakeholders in the marketplace. Environmentalists, too, are seeing an opportunity to collaborate with business. They are taking a more open-minded view toward the role that business can play in solving big problems. The best way to succeed in making sustainability a source of value is to drive it deep into the organization and broadly across the enterprise is to go Green. What we call smokestack or tailpipe industries — the energy businesses, utilities, oil and gas, transportation, chemicals — they had to tackle these issues because of the significant impact theyve had. But now we see retailers and technology companies and services companies and hospitality and all sorts of new sectors that are embracing sustainability because theyre finding value there. This article briefly give idea about the companies General Electric, General Motors, Chevrolet volt, Pfizer and Novartis, energy companies like BP, HCL etc. investing in Ramp;D amp; innovation in environmental amp; clean tech area. This article covers terms and concepts of green marketing, briefly discuss why going green is important and also examine some of the reason that organizations are adopting a green marketing philosophy. We will write a custom essay sample on Role of Green Marketing in Sustainable Development -an Opportunity for Innovation specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Role of Green Marketing in Sustainable Development -an Opportunity for Innovation specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Role of Green Marketing in Sustainable Development -an Opportunity for Innovation specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer These days, only marketing doesnt seem to be working as well as it has in the past. For sustainability and growth a marketer has to consider innovative environment friendly trends It also focuses some of the opportunities and challenges in green marketing. Therefore, implementing green marketing is pivotal to the sustainable development of industry.

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Solar Feeder Internet Version Essay

Solar Feeder Internet Version Essay Solar Feeder Internet Version Essay Solar Feeder After reading the history and background story behind the development of Squirrel Defense Inc. (SDI), I have become rather intrigued about the bird feeder industry and the opportunities that exist in the market. SDI has come up with a very unique and innovative product that is very marketable and has the potential to produce profits. After reading more about the background information, there is plenty of information to support that there is a potential market to feed the demand of solar feeders. I have come to the conclusion that there are some underlying problems with the way things are currently being handled but there is room for improvement and I feel the business has potential if the problems are addressed and the proper changes are made. There are several problems that came to my attention when reviewing this case. For starters, cash is more or less non-existent. The owners of the company have stressed that they have a huge demand for their product, however they are unable to produce the product at a low enough cost that will allow for cash to generate. Without cash the company cannot purchase the ample supplies to meet demand. No supplies, no product, and no cash. The second problem I have discovered is a big problem. The year-end income statement for 1999 reveals that SDI is loosing money. They are generating a gross profit of $33,356 with expenses totaling $59,963. The company is in the red at $26,607 price tag. Another issue I have discovered is the pricing strategies SDI is currently using. Bo stated, â€Å"Originally I priced the feeders based on how much I wanted to make per unit†. He later says that he set the price based on what the market demands. Finally in another section Bo estimates the cost of his feeders between $100-$110. There is no real clear answer what the cost to produce these feeders is and this is the root problem for all of the financials. The last problem I would like to address is the advertising plan SDI currently uses. The retro-style advertising does not seem to fit the product and could use some help to target the market better. For SDI to turn things around they need to go back to basics and rebuild the foundation of the company. To do this, I suggest they invest in consulting an engineer to reinvent the product so that it can be put in mass production. Mass production will allow the company to produce these solar feeders in mass quantities to keep up with demand while decreasing costs. Lower costs will generate much more revenue and in the end giving the company more cash on hand. If the plant is pushed to max capacity the owners have projected costs to drop to approximately $50 for the town feeder and $85 for the cedar. This is much lower compared to current operating costs. Another suggestion to lower costs is to look into alternative material that is cheaper and easier to access compared to the expensive cedar wood they are currently using. The next problem that needs to be addressed is the pricing methods being used by SDI to price their product. Based on the information given, SDI is practically throwing a dart at a board to come up with a price. SDI needs to break down all materials and expenses that go into producing and shipping a complete product in order to find an accurate price. By utilizing the break even equation the company can come to a number that is bare minimum sales that needs to be generated in order to offset costs and break even. The last problem that I have found with the current operations at SDI is in the advertising. Currently SDI is using a retro style advertising campaign primarily in the 1950’s â€Å"mom-and-pop† styled layouts. Print ads use a psychedelic color scheme that to me can be off putting to customers. The target market SDI has indentified is middle to late aged men and typically women that are purchasing these feeders for their homes. Another portion of the target market are

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What Is the JavaScript TypeOf Function How Does It Work

What Is the JavaScript TypeOf Function How Does It Work SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips We’ve all stumbled on a web page that just doesn’t work. You know the type: the links aren’t clickable, the scrolling is all over the place, and sometimes...they automatically play music. (The worst.) When a website misbehaves, bad JavaScript is usually at fault. That’s because JavaScript is the scripting language that controls the interactive elements of a website. In fact, JavaScript is actually a robust, powerful scripting language that automates processes like animating images or providing autofill suggestions. Basically, JavaScript is one of the fundamental coding languages of the web. Like any language, there’s lots you can do with JavaScript. But today, we’re going talk about one specific type of JavaScript command: the TypeOf function. In this article, you’ll learn about the JavaScript TypeOf function, including what it is, how it works, and its most common uses. So let’s dive in! What Is a JavaScript Data Type? Before we start talking about the JavaScript TypeOf function, we first have to talk about JavaScript data types. A data type is a classification given to different kinds of data used in programming. There are seven data types that can be used in JavaScript, and we’ve broken them down in the table below: Data Type Use Number Deals with any number, including decimals. You can also do operations (like multiplication, division, etc.) with this data type. String A string of characters surrounded by single or double quotes. Boolean Sets a true/false (or yes/no) value. Null Indicates the intentional absence of a value. Basically means â€Å"nothing,† â€Å"empty,† or â€Å"value unknown.† Undefined Also indicates the absence of a value. Unlike â€Å"null,† â€Å"undefined† is usually used when a variable is declared but a value is unassigned. Symbols Unique identifiers for objects. Object Collections of related data. Unlike other data types, which can only contain a single thing, objects store collections of data. Why Are Data Types Important? In JavaScript, a data type is basically a category of data that can be stored and/or manipulated within a program. Depending on the type of data you’re using, JavaScript will treat the data differently. So for example, JavaScript deals with an undefined data set much differently than it deals with an object! The other reason data types are important is because they dictate what you can do with the data you provide- and whether that data will work or not. For example, if you try to assign a value to a â€Å"null† data type, it won’t work because null indicates an empty value! Likewise, there are some data types that only do one thing, like the boolean data type, while others can work with collections of data. In other words, data types are one of the fundamental building blocks of JavaScript. What Is the Javascript TypeOf Function? Now that you know what data types are, the typeof function will make more sense: that’s because the JavaScript TypeOf command is used to check the data type of a particular operand, which is a JavaScript array, data type, or object. In order to use the TypeOf command, you would write it like you would any operation that uses a single value (also known as a unary operator). That means the script would look like this: typeof x You can also use the TypeOf operator like you would a JavaScript function. The syntax would look something like this: typeof(x) Using the JavaScript TypeOf function is particularly useful for checking the value of JavaScript expressions! How Do You Use the Javascript TypeOf Function? When you use the JavaScript TypeOf function to check the data type of an operand, it returns a string, or text, that contains the data type! Here’s an example of how you might check to see if an object is undefined: If (typeof object === ‘undefined’) The TypeOf function is an important tool when dealing with complex code. It allows a programmer to quickly check a variable’s data type- or whether it’s â€Å"undefined† or â€Å"null†- without going through the code line by line! Additionally, the TypeOf function can also check whether an operand is an object or not. Depending on the output of the TypeOf function, a programmer can adjust their previous code or quickly pick up where they left off on a project. In other words, the TypeOf function is a quick way to check data to make sure that a script will work. What Are the Possible Outputs of the TypeOf Function? Because the JavaScript TypeOf function is used to check data types, the possible outputs of the TypeOf operator are all data types, too. Here’s a quick summary of the different type of outputs you might see: Value TypeOf undefined â€Å"undefined† null â€Å"object† Boolean (true or false) â€Å"boolean† all numbers â€Å"number† all strings â€Å"string† all symbols â€Å"symbol† all functions â€Å"function† all arrays â€Å"object† native objects â€Å"object† host objects Dependent on implementation other objects â€Å"object† What’s Next? If you’re interested in coding, it might be worth considering a computer science major. But how do you know if computer science is really right for you? Here are five key factors to consider when choosing your major. If you do want to go into computer science, it’s important to get into a good college. One of the best ways to do that is to make sure you’re taking the right courses in high school. Check out this expert guide to the classes you should- and shouldn’t- take before you start your college applications. You might have heard that AP classes look good on your college application. If you’re not sure what AP classes are or how they affect your college admissions chances, take a look at this AP overview.

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Techniques in Problem Solving and Decision Making Assignment

Techniques in Problem Solving and Decision Making - Assignment Example To clearly proffer issues pertaining to the management of abovementioned concerns, it is appropriate to describe briefly one’s personal background and personality. Being part of a large family, one was accorded the privilege to interact not only with the nuclear family but with the extended family, as well. The experience provided one with the opportunity to be nourished with love and affection required to gain enough skills to interact with other people. One was initially shy and timid but the constant interaction with family members and friends in school developed communication skills and enhanced understanding of conflict resolution and negotiation. Likewise, when one belongs to a large family, there are tasks and responsibilities that were assigned at a fairly young age to develop a sense of independence and the discipline to achieve defined objectives through the accomplishment of simple tasks and duties. It is through this training that the concept of time management was initially introduced and slowly developed. Concurrently, the skills for problem-solving and decision making were guided and assisted through supervisory governance and with the assistance of more mature family members. Problem-solving and decision-making skills were likewise fully developed through the various academic levels given as part of complying with the educational requirements in courses and projProblem-solving or one’s ability to control time was part of one’s personal training to improve study habits and to accomplish simple tasks. I remember that my grandfather was very strict and disciplinarian due to his previous work experience as a law enforcer. His expectations require family members to adhere to specific time schedules and to finish tasks immediately.